Collaboration for Advanced AI

Intel® hardware and software solutions enable fast and powerful AI machine learning and deep learning from Baidu while reducing complexity and computational requirements.

New IoT Opportunities with 5G

By bringing the deep learning capabilities of OpenVINO-optimized PaddlePaddle to edge computing, Baidu and Intel are opening up new possibilities for AI edge services. The future looks bright with ongoing development of autonomous vehicles, vehicle-road architecture, mobile user access to Baidu AI operator services, and edge capabilities that are enhanced with the Baidu AI Cloud.

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Product and Performance Information

1Baidu: Platinum 8350C: Test by Intel as of 3/19/2021. 2-node, 2x Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8350C CPU @ 2.60 GHz, 32 cores, HT on, turbo off. Total memory 256 GB (4 slots/ 64 GB / 2933 MHz), BIOS: WLYDCRDB1.SYS.0020.P92.2103170501 (Unicode: 0x8d000270), Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, 4.15.0-55-generic, gcc 9.3.0 compiler, ResNet50 Model, Deep Learning Framework: PaddlePaddle2.0, tgz BS=1, ImageNet Val, 1 instance, datatype: FP32/INT8. Intel does not control or audit third-party data. You should consult other sources to evaluate accuracy.