Interconnect Technologies




Interconnect technologies are one of our Six Pillars of Technology Innovation. As computing and networking scale in performance, interconnect technologies play a critical role in ensuring systems reach their full potential in the speed at which they move data. Intel has been at the forefront of research and development into interconnect technologies since the dawn of the PC era. Today in the data center, Intel is working to deliver greater levels of intelligence within its connectivity solutions to overcome network bottlenecks and accelerate applications. Between PC and peripherals, Intel is heavily involved with the industry as it brings the latest technologies to market for the best user experiences. At the chip level, Intel is leading the industry in advanced packaging with technologies that connect chiplets and modules in order to deliver Moore’s Law advances, while also working to reduce latency between memory and CPU. From “Microns to Miles,” Intel’s investments in interconnect technologies are among the broadest in the industry.

“Our enterprise and cloud customers will benefit with up to 50% reduced latency with our new AOC-S100GC-i2C dual 100G networking card based on the new Intel Ethernet 800 Series with ADQ.”
–Michael McNerney, vice president of marketing at Supermicro, a company that leverages the Intel Ethernet 800 Series in its AOC-S100G-i2C networking cards

“Intel‘s new 800 series 100G Ethernet solution brings significant features expected by the market, including fully programmable pipeline benefiting existing customers on 700 series to implement DDP profile, application device queue (ADQ) significantly reducing application latency as well as RDMA implementation in both iWARP and RoCE v2. Inspur expects to work with Intel to bring excellent networking solution for the end users.”
–Mr. William Chen, deputy general manager of Inspur Server Product Group

“We are excited to collaborate with Intel to build up the 100G-ready network appliance NCA-6210 powered by Intel Ethernet 800 Series. … The new Intel 800-Series Ethernet controllers empower Lanner network appliances to accelerate packet processing while reducing application latency with improved response predictability.”
–Terence Chou, vice president and general manager of Lanner Electronics Network Computing BU, Product: NCA-6210, Lanner Electronics

“We are delighted to boost NEXCOM’s product portfolio with the addition of the 100G NIC, based on Intel’s E8100 solution.”
–Allan Chiu, vice president of NEXCOM’s Network and Communication Solutions Group

“CASwell is excited to include the Intel Ethernet 800 Series products in our solutions, particularly for SD-WAN, load balancing and network security applications. The next generation of our own network modules now based on the Intel Ethernet 800 Series is almost ready to be released and will surely be well received by our customers.”
–Reaforl Hung, president of CASwell

“Our end customers of media and broadcasting sector will be benefiting from our performance-optimized storage servers featuring the new Intel Ethernet 800 Series products.”
–David Huang, vice president of Sales and Marketing, AIC Inc.

“The Intel Ethernet 800 Series products will be delivering outstanding performance for our network solutions in the networking/5G segment of IOT world.”
–William Wu, vice president of Axiomtek IOT DFG

“The Intel Ethernet 800 Series comes with speeds of up to 100GbE and features many new innovative capabilities. Powered by Intel Ethernet Controller E810-CAM2, IBASE IBN-C200 is a 100GbE dual-port fiber NIC module delivering 2x100Gb/s Ethernet connectivity, with up to 100Gb/s throughput packet and almost zero latency performance, making it a good optimized load-balancing solution for network applications such as network security, firewall, UTM and cloud-based workloads.”
–Wilson Lin, director of IBASE’s Product Planning Department