Intel Innovation 2023

On Sept. 19-20, Intel leaders introduce the ‘Siliconomy’ and its role in a world where artificial intelligence is delivering a generational shift in computing.

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  • September 20, 2023

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At Intel Innovation 2023, CEO Pat Gelsinger and CTO Greg Lavender will describe a new world – one where artificial intelligence represents a generational shift in computing. It’s a world that will give rise to a new era of economic expansion enabled by sustainable, open and secure computing power.

It’s the “Siliconomy.”

Fueled by AI and the convergence of ubiquitous compute, connectivity, infrastructure and sensing, the Siliconomy signals a new era – one requiring an exponential leap in computing technology.

Join Intel for a two-day event on Sept. 19-20, 2023. At Intel Innovation, company and industry leaders will spell out how Intel helps developers make technology more secure and accessible across workloads – from client and edge to network and cloud. They will present breakthroughs in hardware, software, services and advanced technologies that will speed development, drive innovation and help developers sharpen their competitive edges.

And developers will learn how Intel is the only company with the full breadth of hardware and software to support the world’s smartest organizations as they make their next exponential leaps. ​

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The "Siliconomy” is a new era of economic expansion enabled by sustainable, open and secure computing power. For developers, the Siliconomy means a new world of opportunity.

This is the 'Siliconomy'
The Siliconomy represents a rising era of global expansion, where computing promises greater opportunities and a brighter future for every person on the planet.  We are making exponential leaps in technology with silicon at the heart of it all.  Learn what the Siliconomy is, and how it is touching every sector of the global economy, from healthcare to education to manufacturing, government, business and more.  Welcome to the Siliconomy. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

At Intel Innovation 2023, Intel introduced the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) workload on Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series running end-to-end with the VMware vSphere with ESXi (hypervisor) and Horizon (connection manager).  Adding data center-scale GPU resources to CPU-only desktop virtualization solutions can dramatically improve user experience and quality of service.

Accelerate Virtual Desktops with Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a lucrative opportunity for Intel. VDI deployments with graphics processing units (GPUs) can greatly improve user experience and productivity. Unlike the leading GPU products in the VDI market, Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series comes in with open software across the board. Together with VMware, Intel will showcase Flex in the most popular VDI environment: VMware Horizon on ESXi. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Intel Ignite Videos

Intel Ignite is turning the traditional venture capital model on its head by inviting a select cohort of disruptive start-ups into Intel’s robust network of entrepreneurs, investors and industry insiders. During the Intel Innovation 2023 Day 1 Keynote, the work of three companies was highlighted. Later at the event, Deep Render was chosen as the winner of the 2023 Intel Startup Innovator Award.


  • Antaris: Software for Space: Democratizing the Space and Satellite Ecosystem – Antaris is a software platform that dramatically simplifies the design, simulation and operation of satellites – from early design all the way to flight operations.
  • Deep Render: Developing the Next Generation of Compression Technology Using AI – The internet is threatened by too much data and not enough bandwidth. Deep Render is helping solve that through its AI-based compression technology.
  • Scala BioScience: Moving Protein Engineering from the Lab to the Computer – Proteins are the engines of all organisms. But a single protein can take more than a year to engineer at a cost of millions of dollars. Scala BioScience combines evolutionary analysis, atomistic protein design calculations and artificial intelligence to design proteins that exhibit superior properties. Its workflows require minimal experimental effort, accelerating and reducing the costs of protein engineering.