Intel’s Chalk Talk Series Covers Security Strategy and Products

Virtual and in-person session addresses why security matters in current and upcoming technology. 



On Sept. 28 – Day 2 of Intel Innovation in San Jose, California – Intel held the second in a series of three Chalk Talk sessions to provide context on the company’s journey to build and deliver the silicon, software and platforms customers need to succeed.

This Chalk Talk session focused on security as a top priority for Intel, the importance of Project Amber following news of its first pilot customer shared at Intel Innovation, the security capabilities to expect in 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and the value of confidential computing. Intel executives who participated in the security Chalk Talk included:

  • Anil Rao, vice president, Systems Architecture & Engineering, Office of the CTO
  • Amy Santoni, Intel Fellow, chief Xeon security architect

“One of the things that I want to make sure everybody knows, understands and realizes is that security is a top priority for Intel,” Rao said. “Now, when we say security, we focus on four fundamental areas security as a mindset, security technology, security assurance and cybersecurity. Because we are a large company and organization, we create these best practices and then share with the broader industry.”

Intel will close out its Chalk Talk series on Oct. 25 with a 4th Gen Intel Xeon processor strategy and design session. Check out the first Chalk Talk session, which covered Intel’s broad portfolio of integrated and discrete accelerations.

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