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Intel's sales and marketing office in Hong Kong provides world-class sales and support at the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), developer, and end-user levels.

The primary responsibilities for Intel's sales and marketing team in Hong Kong include:

  • Delivering innovative products to consumer and OEM markets 
  • Driving Intel's initiatives, technologies, products, and services into the marketplace 
  • Creating demand for Intel's products 
  • Driving the market to recognize Intel's role on the Internet at the OEM, developer, and end-user levels

Near Intel Hong Kong, you'll find a gym, sports courts, convenience stores, a park, ATM machine, and a shopping mall for employees' enjoyment.

Enjoying life in Hong Kong

Intel Hong Kong is in the center of the Admiralty District, surrounded by high-rising commercial and government buildings like the High Court, the government main office building, and more. Nearby are two famous tourist spots, the Peak and the Ocean Park, as well as a number of five-star hotels. Intel's building is located in Admiralty's major mall, Pacific Place, which offers plenty of shops, fine restaurants, department stores, cinemas, and more.

One of the most exciting cities in all of Asia, Hong Kong is a very diverse area with living environments to match. It offers international schools that assist schoolchildren with adapting to the community. Cantonese is the primary language spoken in Hong Kong, though English and Mandarin are also widely spoken. There is a healthy nightlife in Hong Kong, and you can find food of all kinds, from the East to the West.

Popular activities in Hong Kong include karaoke, which is available everywhere, and mahjong, a fun game of cards (or tiles). The arts are alive and well in Hong Kong, with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hong Kong Ballet, and Hong Kong Cultural Center. There are also recreation facilities such as indoor sports complexes, gymnasiums, and Hong Kong Park in the vicinity of Intel's offices. Public transportation is convenient all over the city, 24 hours a day—no car is necessary.