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We're a global corporation and we have incredible opportunities everywhere. So, step inside our world and find out where we do what we do to improve how people work, live, and play.

Fast Facts: The Site

Situated in the innovative environment of Südwestpark, a local industrial estate near the Main-Danube canal, Nuremberg is home to a prestigious fair and exhibition center.

Our site in Nuremberg, part of Intel in Germany, is an innovative research and development center for high-end products and solutions in the sphere of mobile communications.

Employees develop hardware and software, run an important test and integration center, and provide ongoing customer service and support. 

Caring for our planet and inspiring the next generation

Our passionate commitment to innovation, and sustainable business practices is what drives us in our ongoing quest for ever-more energy efficient products, and a smaller ecological footprint.

Intel is helping to transform the lives of millions through education. For over a decade, we've been working with countries, communities, and schools worldwide to bring the resources and solutions needed for advancing education. We collaborate with governments, policy-makers, and local vendors to turn their vision into reality.

Over the past decade, Intel and the Intel Foundation have invested more than $1 billion to improve education globally, partnering with educators, governments, and other companies to develop a range of transformative programs and technology solutions.