Data Center

Whether you’re updating your social media page, searching the web, or streaming a video, the device in your hand is just a piece of glass without a powerful data center and telecommunications network behind it.


Intel’s Data Center is a worldwide organization that develops platforms for the digital services economy. The Intel Data Center business delivers almost half of Intel’s operating margin and is expected to grow revenue at ~15% through 2018.

Working for Intel’s Data Center Group can help you:

  • Be at the forefront of innovation
  • Work on leading technology
  • Design optimized silicon, systems, software, and supporting technologies
  • Collaborate with global industry leaders to accelerate adoption of solutions
  • Receive competitive compensation, benefits, and opportunities for growth and education

Intel’s Data Center Group is working every day to improve lives. From arming doctors to personalize treatment plans to allowing for more efficient utilization of power grids and improved weather forecasting, Intel’s data center technologies are changing the world. Be a part of it!

See job opportunities for you to help change the world with Intel's Data Center.

Intel Data Center Group: You’re What’s Next

See how Intel’s Data Center Group is working every day to improve lives by connecting people and providing the tools for scientific discovery.

Eric Dishman, Intel Fellow and General Manager of the Health & Life Sciences Group, is driving technology within the data center to change the landscape of healthcare. Listen to his TED Talk as he describes his own personal journey.

Data Center

Intel futurist Steve Brown talks about Intel’s vision of the optimized, next-generation data center and software-defined infrastructure (SDI).

Data Center Architecture of the Future

We seek to attract the best talent, and once at Intel, we work hard to ensure that every employee has opportunities to thrive and achieve their goals without cultural, gender, or racial barriers to impede their progress. Learn more on our diversity page.