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Intel IT plays a central role in increasing the value of Intel's business. We work at the boundaries of innovation every day, developing data-driven solutions to improve the operations and processes of a global technology leader. Our deep knowledge and experience as IT professionals are shared with you here.

Accelerating Our Future

2020 was an unprecedented and extraordinary year where our capability and resiliency were tested. We learned the importance of a digital-first business, how to move fast under fire, and that the way we work has forever changed. The relevance of technology was pushed to the forefront this year and proved that those who were further along their digital transformation journey fared better. In 2021, we have an opportunity to build a culture that maintains that same sense of urgency and acceleration, where we experiment, fail fast, and learn from mistakes. This report outlines our efforts to deliver business value as we accelerate Intel's growth through best-in-class IT solutions and services.

IT Leadership

We're developing and deploying cutting-edge technologies that deliver strong business value to our own and other's enterprise IT organizations.

Intel IT's Data Center Strategy

Learn how Intel IT's data center strategy resulted in improved cost efficiency and resource utilization.

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Hunting the One Percent

Learn how Intel IT is protecting the enterprise against advanced persistent threats (APTs).

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Intel IT's Agile PMO

Our Agile Program Management Office is advancing Intel’s transformation through focused investing and smarter project prioritization.

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Digital Acceleration with APM

Intel IT is using Application Portfolio Management as the data-driven foundation that fuels transformation and enables a best-in-class IT organization.

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Data & AI

Powered by advanced analytics, machine learning, AI, and high performance computing (HPC) capabilities, the data revolution is redefining how products are designed, manufactured, and sold.

Intel IT Is Connecting the Data

Aziz Safa, chief data officer, VP, and GM of Enterprise Data and Platforms, talks about Intel IT's Corporate Data Office and how it is connecting the data across the company.

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AI Improves Sales Coverage

Intel IT developed Sales Assist to collect and analyze data from multiple sources including websites, sales, and social media.

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AI Accelerates Time to Market

Artificial intelligence optimizes the product-validation process to decreases costs and accelerate time to market.

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Transform Supply Chain with Real-Time Analytics

We're transforming our legacy supply chain into a modern "glass pipeline" to improve decision making and business agility.

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Platforms, Cloud, & Security

Our secure cloud and mobile solutions deliver the agility needed to fully enable Intel's digital transformation.

“Instant” VPN Scaling and Continuity During Crisis

When the pandemic struck, Intel® architecture-based servers, virtual gateways, a hybrid cloud plan, and fast action from Intel IT rapidly scaled VPN security and kept Intel’s global workforce productive.

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Next Step to Multicloud: Native Cloud Security Controls

As we evolve our multicloud strategy, we are able to boost business agility, improve user experience, and reduce complexity by leveraging CSPs integrated security solutions.

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Building a Cyber Intelligence Platform

Our Apache Kafka data pipeline based on Confluent's Platform ingests tens of terabytes per day, providing in-stream processing for faster security threat detection and response.

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Building a Multi-Cloud Enterprise Network

Our Software-defined network helps automate networking workflows, supports business needs and meets Intel’s information security standards.

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Processes & Applications

Through our digital transformation, we are simplifying processes and driving coherent experiences across all enterprise applications.

Technical Debt Strategy and Framework

Learn how Intel IT developed a unique framework to successfully manage technical debt and position the enterprise for modernization, innovation, and digital transformation.

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Developing a Robust Merger and Acquisition Process

Intel IT’s dedicated team performs due diligence, planning, integration, and highlights the potential of unforeseen costs – delivering business value while executing deals.

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Manufacturing Automation Gets Performance Boost

We recently built a separate and completely virtual integration environment that offered an opportunity to introduce Intel® Optane™ SSDs as cache tier on I/O-intensive workloads to reduce the number of disk groups required.

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Streamline Deep-Learning Integration

Intel factories are streamlining deep-learning integration with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.

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Modern Workplace

We're creating a modern and empowering workplace equipped with cutting-edge technologies to increase employee engagement, retention, and efficiency, which will increase Intel's digital competitiveness.

Building a Faster, More Secure Enterprise Network with Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 is the next step in the evolution of Wi-Fi technology and has significantly improved network performance at several of our test sites.

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Optimizing PC Refresh

Intel IT is optimizing PC refresh, using telemetry to segment users and tailor new PCs to employees—increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

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Seamless Fleet Manageability

In a work-from-anywhere world, end user devise manageability and visibility are key. Intel IT is leveraging Aternity Digital Experience Management for better user experience.

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Endpoint Device Management

Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant is an enterprise-ready solution that Intel IT is using to remotely manage thousands of Intel Unite® hubs and digital signs worldwide.

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Additional Resources for IT Managers

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Inside IT Podcast Series

Hear Intel IT subject matter experts discuss new trends, hot topics, and subjects that matter most to Enterprise IT.

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By signing up, you are confirming that you are an adult 18 years or older and you authorize Intel to contact you by email with information about Intel® products, events, and updates for IT professionals, and agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice.