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Industry: Retail | Available Territories: People's Republic of China


  • Product Name: Intelligent Retail Store Solution

  • Targeted Geographies: People’s Republic of China

  • Industry: Retail

  • Competency: Connected Retail



Beijing Winsense Technology Co Ltd

Winsense Technology is committed to building a comprehensive, fine-grained, low-cost, fast-implementing digital asset management infrastructure and a personalized, highly accurate intelligent decision-making system for physical retail based on machine intelligence technology

About the Product

Intelligent Retail Store Solution

This intelligent retail store solution provides a common SW platform, where the camera, the edge server and application can be customized by different scenario. It can be applied to 4S shops, shopping malls and retail stores, with the capability of intelligent data acquisition, analysis and decision by utilizing leading AI algorithms, powerful edgeX computing capabilities and OpenVINO accelerations. The main functions include consumer portrait, membership operation, precision maketing and smart corporation management.

Powered by: Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit

Intel Components: Intel® Xeon® ProcessorsIntel® Core™ Processors