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About this Partner and Product

  • Product Name: AiLENZ

  • Targeted Geographies: People's Republic of China

  • Industry: Manufacturing, Retail

  • Use Case: Control Optimization and Autonomy




Evalueserve, founded in 2000, is a global professional services provider offering data analytics, advisory, and AI enabled technology solutions and products. With 4,500+ technical engineers and consultants across various industries, it helps its clients and partners reach new levels of efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging cutting edge technologies, make better decisions faster, and see a tangible impact on their top and bottom line.

Product Description


AiLENZ for Retail uses advanced computer vision and AI technologies to facilitate product recognition in retail industry. Its toolkit can be easily integrated with clients’ or partners’ existing system through APIs, and be applied in supermarkets, fruits stores, grocery stores, smart retail, and autonomous stores. 

The advantages of the solution:

  • Fast detection and high accuracy: Each detection of AiLENZ can be done within 0.1 second due to local inference and optimized deep learning algorithm.
  • Easy addition of new SKUs: Users can add their own SKUs easily and get model updated off-line. With only 3-5 images, the models can learn a new SKU well.
  • Low maintenance effort: Users can optimize the model result by simply using AiLENZ. Each detection will help model learn from real situations, which constantly leads to higher accuracy. 
  • Ready to use: Developers can integrate AiLENZ by APIs, which make service provision more flexible. AiLENZ allows content to be embedded from any application more easily.
  • Data security: AiLENZ for Retail is deployed on premise, thus customers’ data can be protected within local environment.
  • Strong universality: AiLENZ algorithms can be easily migrated to other industries for object detection and product recognition, including manufacturing, logistics, etc.

AiLENZ for Retail has been integrated with smart scales and POS machines for fresh food, and deployed in supermarkets. With this integration, the machines are able to automatically detect products once customers put vegetables or fruits on it. The effort in manual selection of products from hundreds of SKUs is reduced, significantly improving efficiency and user experience, reducing user driven errors, and lowering down employee training cost.