Intel® Ethernet Switch FM5224

The Intel® Ethernet Switch FM5224 is a high port-count Ethernet switch that can support 1 GbE, 2.5 GbE, 10 GbE, and 40 GbE interfaces and is ideal for micro server networking applications. The Intel® Ethernet Switch FM5224 supports enhanced features critical for today’s need for high-performance switching environments: low latency, scalability, L3 routing, priority flow control, enhanced transmission selection, as well as support for advanced load distribution across processing resources.

The Intel® Ethernet Switch FM5224 Series supports up to 72 2.5 GbE Ethernet ports along with eight 10 GbE or two 40 GbE uplinks. The Intel® Ethernet Switch FM5224 delivers tremendous flexibility using the advanced Intel® Flexpipe™ technology, while maintaining the best-in-class latency and throughput demonstrated by the Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2000 and FM4000 switch silicon product lines.

Features and Specifications Intel® Ethernet Switch FM5224
Maximum bandwidth 240 Gbps
Maximum SGMII ports 72
Maximum XAUI ports 2
Maximum 10G KR ports 8
Maximum 40G KR4 ports 2
Cut-through latency 400 nS
Frame processing rate 360 Mpps
Shared packet memory size 8MB
Traffic classes 8
MAC table size 64K
ACL rules 24K
IPv4/IPv6 routes 64K/16K
Intel® Flexpipe™ technology Yes
Advanced load balancing Yes
CEE/DCB features Yes
Server virtualization support Yes
Advanced tunneling features Yes
SDN support No
CPU interface PCIe gen2
Target applications Micro server networking