Digital Information: Student Handout

Instructional Strategies

The following handouts can be used with this unit to enhance learning. Each handout is briefly described below. To see the actual handout, click the link "handout."

Computers and Pictures

This handout teaches students:

  • How the on/off state of transistors relates to the binary number system used by computers to store numbers, words, sounds, and pictures
  • How computer display screens are made of tiny dots called pixels
  • How simple pictures can be created in a grid using 1s and 0s to indicate which grid squares are colored in and which are not

Binary Numbers

This handout teaches students how to count in binary numbers and how to add them.

Binary Counter

Use this handout to direct a group activity where small groups of students use their bodies to form a binary counter to represent numbers from 0-15.

ASCII Computer Code

Using a chart of all letters and their binary code this handout helps students:

  • Understand how letters of the alphabet can be expressed by binary numbers
  • Write their name in ASCII code
  • Write and translate secret messages written in ASCII

Decision Making

This handout teaches AND/OR logic, showing students how binary numbers can be used to represent yes/no and determine outcomes to simple statements.