Bringing Down the Barriers to Edge Intelligence

The need for IoT edge applications has never been greater. But complex requirements; unique connectivity, security, and latency challenges; and disparate edge infrastructures impede progress and extend time to market for software developers.

With the Intel® Edge Insights Packages and reference software, we are accelerating the development of edge computing solutions and lowering the barriers to creating reliable, scalable applications.2 This one-stop resource makes it easy for developers to quickly find, prototype, and integrate the edge computing software they need. It offers robust tools and deployment-ready software packages that are pretested and prevalidated—helping to save time and money. Solution development is complemented by Intel’s expansive portfolio of scalable, interoperable hardware solutions and vast ecosystem offerings.

Simply choose the vertical-specific software package, customize the configurations to your needs, and decide on your target hardware for deployment. You’ll speed up the solution development journey from weeks to hours or minutes.

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