Intel® Edge Software Recommended Hardware Program Overview

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Updated 4/19/2021
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Deploy your solutions across hardware platforms with the power and performance required for deep learning and inference at the edge. The hardware and devices listed on Intel® Edge Software Recommended Hardware have been lab-tested to deliver optimized power and performance with Intel software packages. 

Original device and equipment manufacturers (ODMs and OEMs) can learn how to include devices in the program using the Intel® Edge Software Device Qualification (Intel® ESDQ) tool.

Intel® Edge Software Device Qualification (Intel® ESDQ)

Intel® ESDQ is a self-service qualification process that partners can use as a tool to test and validate their products/devices, helping to ensure the compatibility and quality for Edge Insights Software Packages. 

Qualified devices will be listed on Intel® Edge Software Recommended Hardware and will be associated with target Edge Insights Software or target use cases. 

Benefits of Intel® ESDQ 

Intel® ESDQ acts as a bridge between hardware and software ecosystem partners: 

  • Developer/ISV/SI: Intel recommended devices help all ecosystem partners find compatible, reliable, and optimized devices with the right performance and hardware configuration to work with Edge Insights Software Packages to accelerate the development cycle with quality. 
  • Hardware Partner: Intel recommended devices help hardware partners connect to ecosystem partners, such as developers, Independent Software Vendors (ISV), and System Integrators (SI), to build solutions and increase their product exposure to scale. 

Qualification Process 

Below is the quick 4-step process for qualification:

Intel ESDQ Qualification process

  1. Select Configure & Download from the Intel® ESDQ Overview page to download the respective Intel® ESDQ package.
  2. Load and run Intel® ESDQ.
  3. Apply for Qualification by contacting an Intel Field Application Engineer, your Intel Sales contact or by sending an email to
  4. Have your hardware approved and listed on Intel® Edge Software Recommended Hardware