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Summary of changes for version 20230628

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Detailed Description

June 2023. Summary of changes for version 20230628:

This release is available at

Global changes:

  • Update all copyright notices to the year 2023. This effects all source modules, as well as utility sign-ons.
  • Add OS-specific support for Zephyr RTOS.
  • Fix miscellaneous code that accesses various objects.
  • Remove some dead code.
  • Add C “Flexible Array” support.
  • Add support for 64 bit LoongArch compilation.
  • Add first batch of RISC-V related definitions.
  • Performed a global automated update to remove tabs, fix indentation issues, etc.

ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:

  • hwvalid: Drop port I/O validation.

ACPICA tools and utilities:

  • iASL: Added full macro support in the preprocessor. Example: #define ABCD(a,b,c,d) a+b+c-d
  • Known macro support limitations (at this time):
  • No support for multi-line #define macros (backslash continuation lines)
  • No support for the C-style ternary operator
  • No support for the stringizing operator (#)
  • No support for the concatenation (token pasting) operator (##)
  • No support for variable number of macro arguments
  • Add support for AMD Secure Processor Table (ASPT) version 1.
  • Add support for Arm's MPAM ACPI table version 2.
  • ACPI 6.5: MADT: add support for trace buffer extension in GICC.
  • Headers: Delete bogus NodeArray array of pointers from AEST table.
  • PHAT table support is still ongoing.


28 June, 2023