Intel® QuickAssist Technology Driver for VMware ESXi* - Hardware Version 2.0



Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) provides cryptographic and compression acceleration capabilities used to improve performance and efficiency across the data center. This package contains Intel® QAT Driver for VMware ESXi*. It's intended for platforms that contains 4th Generation (formerly Sapphire Rapids) or 5th Generation (formerly Emerald Rapids) Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor.

Available Downloads

  • VMware*
  • Size: 567.5 KB
  • SHA1: 3F6184FED2D259164C9A74D39B7C7F11D43F99E9
  • VMware*
  • Size: 541.4 KB
  • SHA1: 40E8A0C3CB4E2E37D408A5EEBD9E8AC2D4D2E6C3

Detailed Description

Release Notes

Check out the Intel® QuickAssist Technology Software for VMware* - Release Notes file for the latest changes in this release as well as detailed installation instructions.

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Note: Are you looking for the Intel® QuickAssist Technology HW Version 1.7, 1.72 or 1.8? Check out the Intel® QuickAssist Technology Driver for VMware* – HW Version 1.X.

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