Intel® Server Board M50CYP Family BIOS and Firmware Update Package (SFUP) for Windows* and Linux*



Provides Intel® Server Board M50CYP Family BIOS and System Firmware Update Package (SFUP) for Windows* and Linux*. (R01.01.0007)

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  • Size: 45.7 MB
  • SHA1: 78175FFC0543BF22FD02894B1700BE72E559C0D7

Detailed Description

This update package includes the following production level system software updates and update utilities:


  System BIOS  - R01.01.0007 

  ME Firmware  -

  BMC Firmware  - 2.90.e5e4d391

  FRUSDR     - 0.44

  Pmem      -

  CPLD      - v4P2


  sysfwupdt - Version 16.0.7



  • Firmware check is not applicable, hence updates will be triggered even when the versions in the system and in the SFUP package are same.
  • Do NOT interrupt or reboot or remove power from your system during the update process. Doing so may render your system inoperable.
  • Do NOT attempt to down rev the system software once loaded on to the system. Doing so may render your system inoperable.
  • All updates provided in this package are installed using the windows and Linux* operating environment only.
  • Do not modify any of the script files. The scripts as written will provide the most reliable update experience. 



Intel® Server Board M50CYP Family.

Contact Intel for pre-production hardware support requirements




Windows*: startup.bat and sysfwupdt_win directory which contains sysfwupdt executable for windowsx64 bit OS.

Linux*  : and sysfwupdt_linux directory which contains installable .rpm for RHEL, SLES and UBUNTU

UPDATE : bios_cap_update.bat,, bios_update.bat,, bmc_update.bat,, cpld_update.bat,, dimms_update.bat,, driver_install.bat, driver_uninstall.bat, frusdr_update.bat,, startup.bat,,,

BIOS : R01010007_CoyotePass_LBG_ICX_UpdateCapsule_prd.bin

BMC : CoyotePass-bmc_prod_signed_cap_2.90.e5e4d391.bin

ME   : NA

FD   : NA

DIMM : fw_bwva1_2.2.0.1553_rel.bin

FRU : M50CYP2SB1U.fru, M50CYP2SBSTD.fru

OtherFRU: NA

SDR : M50CYP.sdr

CFG : master.cfg, sdr_update_noprompt.cfg

PDF   : CR_FW_CRFW_2.2.0.1553_Intel_Optane_persistent_memory_200_series_FW_Release_Notes_1553.pdf




To update the system software stack to the versions included in this update package, the system software stack currently installed on the target server system MUST meet the following, or else the update may fail:


  System BIOS  - R01.01.0006 or later

  ME Firmware  -

  BMC Firmware  - 2.89.7e3b728b

  FRUSDR     - 0.42

  Pmem      -

  CPLD      - v3P9


Product and Performance Information


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