Linux* RDMA Driver for the E810 and X722 Intel® Ethernet Controllers



Provides Linux* RDMA Driver for the E810 and X722 Intel® Ethernet Controllers.

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  • SHA1: 6401B3D24077C94C27F32FB34F7DE867F0385109

Detailed Description


This release includes RDMA Linux* Drivers for Intel® Ethernet Network Connections.

The irdma driver supports devices based on the following controllers:

  • Intel® Ethernet Network Connection X722
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller E810-C
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller E810-XXV


Due to the continuous development of the Linux kernel, the drivers are updated more often than the bundled releases. The latest driver can be found on

Differences between adapters are described in each section of the README_irdma.txt

Note:  For both E810 and X722, the corresponding LAN driver (ice or i40e) must be built from source included in this release and installed on your system prior to installing irdma.


Product and Performance Information


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