Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Update Utility for Intel® Ethernet Network Adapters E810 Series—Linux*



Provides the Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Update Utility for Intel® Network Ethernet Adapters E810 Series—Linux*. (3.20)

Available Downloads

  • Linux*
  • Size: 39.4 MB
  • SHA1: 51CDC7E7A97131F7CC5B8BCA228258A8DC773C9E

Detailed Description

Change Notice, April 27, 2022:

NVM Update Package 3.20 has been updated. If you currently have the 3.20 update package installed and are re-running this update package because of this change, please note the following: One of the NVM Images was updated to enable the link mode 8x10.

Affected device: PBA <M39299-00x> 



This package contains all files required to update the non-volatile memory (NVM) on the Intel® Ethernet Network Adapter E810 in your system. It contains the NVM update utility, configuration file, updated NVM binaries, and required driver files.

See the included readme file for more information such as installation instructions, limitations and prerequisites, and other details.

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