Firmware Update Package Update for EFI Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems Based on Intel® 60X Chipset



This download contains BIOS and the firmware update package for Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems based on Intel® 60X Chipset (R02.06.E006).

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 23.6 MB
  • SHA1: 519AD3518095ADF4ED30B11BBC56DCA3D12591AE

Detailed Description


This package contains BIOS recovery files. Refer to the BIOS recovery instructions in the BIOS release notes of this package.

 This update package includes the following system software updates:

  •  System BIOS: 02.06.E006
  •  ME Firmware:
  •  BMC Firmware: 01.28.R10603
  •  FRUSDR: depends on Intel® Server Board (1.04, 1.05, 1.09, 1.11, or 1.12)

 Additional notes

 See the release notes for installation instructions, supported hardware, what is new, bug fixes, and known issues.

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