Intel® Server Board S2600BP Power Budget and Thermal Configuration Tool



The Intel® Server Board S2600BP Power Budget* and Thermal Configuration Tool calculates the power usage and thermal configuration. (1.01)

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 335.4 KB
  • SHA1: 2B855457EF4FDDF1F003FDC0B88E01CC1DB1FC87
  • OS Independent
  • Size: 592.5 KB
  • SHA1: D5557A0A8680B55A48899EDA790F17EE9A95CFB7

Detailed Description


Enable macros in Microsoft Excel* or equivalent spreadsheet program to use this utility.

There are 2 tools in this download. Each tool applies to appropriate products as below.

K57997_BNPR_powerbudget_tool_xxx: applies to Intel Compute Module HNS2600BPBR, HNS2600BPQR, HNS2600BPSR, HNS2600BPB24R, HNS2600BPQ24R, HNS2600BPS24R, HNS2600BPBLCR, HNS2600BPBLC24R

J71368_BNP_powerbudget_tool_xxx: applies to Intel Compute Module HNS2600BPB, HNS2600BPQ, HNS2600BPS, HNS2600BPB24, HNS2600BPQ24, HNS2600BPS24, HNS2600BPBLC, HNS2600BPBLC24

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