Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator VCA1283LVV / VCA1585LMV BIOS Update



This download record contains the BIOS image for the Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator VCA1283LVV / VCA1585LMV (1.5.310).

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 14.5 MB
  • SHA1: 4B32AD3FBB17FABAD3C553D4BA1ECEA35F20E6B8

Detailed Description

This package is patched against Side Channel vulnerability.

Refer to this table to see the list of all available packages based on various software versions.


This download record contains the Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator BIOS update. For a detailed description on the steps to update the BIOS, download the Software Users Guide.

To update the BIOS, use the vcactl utility that was included in the production package.

Steps to update the BIOS

  1. Move the User BIOS update jumper for the appropriate node(s) to the shorted position (jumper across both pins, instead of on only one). The jumpers are located near the 8-pin auxiliary power connector. For more information on the location, download the Hardware Guide.
  2. Power on the host (or server system).
  3. Reset the nodes by running a vcactl reset command. Run a vcactl status command and wait for the node status to return to the bios_up message.
  4. Update the BIOS by running a vcactl update-BIOS command and wait for the update to complete. Running a vcactl status command should return a bios_up message, which means that the node successfully updated.
  5. Depends on VCA card type:

    • For VCA, turn off the power of host/server for a couple of seconds.
    • For VCA2, run vcactl pwrbtn-short. Make sure that nodes status is power_off. Bring nodes up by running vcactl pwrbtn-short again. Status bios-up means that new BIOS is ready to use.

Use the checksum below to validate file integrity after downloading:

md5: e4a6288d4506bb8673dfb2caacb34296