Remote Displays SDK



Remoting SDK version 2.0.1 (R2 2018) is a suite of API that provides remote protocols and VMM ISV’s with an easy-to-use interface into remote graphics feature set.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 10, 64-bit*
  • Size: 1 MB
  • SHA256: 46E323C347B2F00CDA48E4B5DDF06F89B9A8C92C4AE3EB7412F405B1949D6302

Detailed Description


Remoting SDK provides API interfaces for low latency capture, compression, decompression and configuration of virtual displays on Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 v5 Family with Intel® Iris® Pro Graphics.

Improve user experience by offloading CPU-intensive encoding to Intel Iris Pro Hardware encoder for smoother video playback, capture and compresses desktop applications running on Windows 7*, 8*, and Windows® 10.

VDI desktop powered by Intel Iris Pro Graphics can leverage high resolution, multi monitor virtual desktops with improved server scalability and user density.

About this download

  • Remoting SDK 2018 R2 - This release contains improved implementation of the desktop capture and new functionalities for encoding:
    • Region of Interest (ROI)
    • Texture Encoding
    • Fix for installer