System-on-a-Chip (SOC) Driver Package for STK1A32SC



Installs the System-on-a-Chip (SoC) drivers for Intel® Compute Stick STK1A32SC.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 10, 64-bit*
  • Size: 1.3 MB
  • SHA1: B4CFAE136CFADA52504A99F34B1F84B90EF2D4E2
  • Windows 10, 32-bit*
  • Size: 998.6 KB
  • SHA1: F1C432061BE30FBA9444A3598FA41F5B41E9BFAE
  • Windows 8.1, 64-bit*
  • Size: 1.3 MB
  • SHA1: D87668D7B4228725A24FA63E6D0BCA9398A8BC68

Detailed Description


This download installs the System-on-a-Chip (SoC) drivers for Intel® Compute Stick STK1A32SC, for the following system devices:

  • Intel SST Audio Device
  • Intel Serial IO GPIO Controller
  • Intel Serial IO I2C ES Controller
  • Intel Power Management IC Device (PMIC)
  • Intel Serial IO SPI Controller
  • Intel Sideband Fabric Device

Important note: Only install these drivers if the Windows® OS is newly installed. You will also need to install Intel® Trusted Execution Engine Interface (Intel® TXEI) Driver.

Which file to choose?

Download the file that applies to your operating system:

  • - For Windows® 10, 32-bit
  • - For Windows® 10, 64-bit
  • - For Windows 8.1, 64-bit*

Note: Windows® 8.1, 32-bit* is not supported with this driver.

How to install

After downloading and unzipping the driver package, right-click the .inf file in each sub-folder and select Install.





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