Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator VCA1283LVV Volatile Reference Package



This software package for Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator contains the volatile reference or sample to show possible configurations (1.3.148).

Available Downloads

  • CentOS 7.4*
  • Size: 556.2 MB
  • SHA1: 25EDCF2CBE237CDD2F75E870B61C99EE18C478DA

Detailed Description

This package is patched against Side Channel vulnerability.

Refer to this table to see the list of all available packages based on various software versions.

This package contains the volatile reference or sample to show possible configurations.

Volatile image sits on RAM disk. When a reboot to the host is executed, the entire image is removed from RAM disk. If a persistent reference or sample image is required, check the Persistent Reference Package.

To obtain detailed installation instructions, download the Software Guide.


  • The image contains a reference kernel (the one with applied Intel® Media Server Studio patches) and contains the latest publicly released Intel® Media Server Studio Community Edition (without media samples package).
  • The image is tested by the validation team in a limited way (basic scenarios only).

Use the checksum below to validate file integrity after downloading:

MD5: 974b289dd2fb6e5891f0cdf9de0ac5f1


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