Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator VCA1283LVV Persistent Reference Package



This software package contains the persistent reference/sample package for Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator (1.3.148).

Available Downloads

  • CentOS 7.4*
  • Size: 596.4 MB
  • SHA1: E32C5AFEFC07B4AA74523A4705D3149156533095

Detailed Description

This package is patched against Side Channel vulnerability.

Refer to this table to see the list of all available packages based on various software versions.

This package contains the persistent reference or sample to show possible configurations.

To obtain detailed installation instructions, download the Software Guide. The instructions are located in the Setting up host for persistent file image section.


  • This image also requires vca_rootfs_-tree.tar.gz (included with the package).
  • This image boots a minimal image, and all other folders are mounted back to a NFS share on the host.
  • The image contains a reference kernel (the one with applied Intel® Media Server Studio patches) and contains the latest publicly released Intel® Media Server Studio community edition.

Use the checksum below to validate file integrity:

MD5: 5035a66facad98a7bee48717dedaa0d1

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