S2600CW BIOS and Firmware update for IDA, OFU, WinPE



S2600CW BIOS, ME firmware, BMC firmware, and FRUSDR updates

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 31.4 MB
  • SHA1: 442EBD9792AA3E8597E4C973E3BABEEF7643DC15

Detailed Description

System Firmware Update Package OFU for Intel® Server Board S2600CW Family for Intel® Deployment Assistant, Intel® One Boot Flash Update Utility, Windows* Preboot Execution Environment


BIOS : 01.01.0009
ME :
BMC : 01.28.8586
FRUSDR : 1.10


Previous versions of this download may show the below error if you apply this update on a system that already has BIOS 1.01.0009 installed

Error : Wrong Specified BIOS command(Such as UpdateBackupBios...)! Please refer to
command usage.
Error : Error while parsing the cfg file

To work around this issue, download the package again, and make sure the filename ends with the word 'updated'. Alternately, open the flashupdt.cfg file with a text editor, and change line 18 from

BIOSNAME  "R0009.cap" UpdateBackupBios+UpdateNvram


BIOSNAME  "R0009.cap" UpdateBackupBios

Save the file, then restart the update process.