Intel Unite® App



This download record includes the install files for the server, hub, and client software for the Intel Unite® app version 4.2.35041.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 11 Family*, Windows 10X family*
  • Size: 304.4 MB
  • SHA256: A84A71946D8D6DEFD5EB659A5DF67E88ADB5CA21A7573C7625AD714BBC629A78

Detailed Description

This product has been discontinued. Learn more.


Use these files to install version 4.2.345041 of the Intel Unite® app. 

The Intel Unite® app involves three components:

  • The server is used to distribute PINs, provide alerts, and so on.
  • The collaboration hub connects to the conference room display and accepts incoming connections.
  • The client systems can connect to collaboration hubs, or host peer-to-peer meetings.

Note: It is recommended to work with an Intel® Technology Provider when adding the Intel Unite app to your environment. Intel Technology Providers can provide valuable guidance and assistance when you configure the Intel Unite app.

Which files do you need?

The Intel Unite app installation files are included in the download file. Download the attached file and unzip to extract the installation files.

The enterprise configuration includes the following installation files:

  • Intel_Unite_Client_v4.2.35041.20_x64.mui.msi - 64 bit client installer
  • Intel_Unite_Client_v4.2.35041.20_x86.mui.msi - 32 bit client installer
  • Intel_Unite_Hub_v4.2.35041.20_x64.mui.msi - hub installer
  • Intel_Unite_Server_v4.2.35041.20_x86.mui.msi - server installer

Additionally, the following installer is included in the download:

  • Intel_Unite_Extended_Display_v1.1.352.157_x86.mui.msi - optional Extended Display driver for Intel Unite® client systems

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