Intel® Network Adapter FreeBSD* Virtual Function Driver for Intel® Ethernet Controller 700 and E810 Series



This release includes iavf FreeBSD* Virtual Function Drivers for Intel® Ethernet Network devices based on 700 and E810 Series controllers.

Available Downloads

  • FreeBSD*
  • Size: 176.3 KB
  • SHA1: 542F11889AF17EC7FFC1277C3B1BE6F436202F1D

Detailed Description

This release includes the iavf FreeBSD Base Driver for Intel® Ethernet Network Connections.


The iavf driver supports devices based on the following controllers:

  • Intel® Ethernet Controller E810-C
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller E810-XXV
  • Intel® Ethernet Connection E822-C
  • Intel® Ethernet Connection E822-L
  • Intel® Ethernet Connection E823-C
  • Intel® Ethernet Connection E823-L
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller I710
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller X710
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller XL710
  • Intel® Ethernet Network Connection X722
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller XXV710
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller V710


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