Intel® Network Adapter Driver for PCIe* 40 Gigabit Ethernet Network Connections under Linux*



This download record includes the i40e Linux* base driver version 2.14.13 for the 700 series devices.

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  • Linux*
  • Size: 611.7 KB
  • SHA1: 98D8C350E90C6DF95868DCFA87F544227998D09A

Detailed Description


This release includes i40e Linux* Base Drivers for Intel® Ethernet Network Connections.

This driver is compatible with devices based on the following:

  • Intel® Ethernet Controller X710
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller XL710
  • Intel® Ethernet Network Connection X722
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller XXV710
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller V710

For the best performance, make sure the latest NVM/FW is installed on your device and that you are using the newest drivers.

For information on how to identify your adapter, and for the latest NVM/FW images and Intel network drivers, refer to the Intel Support website:

What's new?

  • Add support for multiple traffic classes for VF-d 3.0
  • Add PF1 PTP clock synchronization with 1PPS external source
  • Add PTP clock synchronization on GPIO4
  • Add XDP frame size to driver
  • Add zero-initialization of AQ command structures
  • Add mac/vlan anti spoof in sysfs
  • Del limit of VF bandwidth in QoS
  • Fix for VF MAC address 0
  • Fix DCB CEE mode
  • Fix changing ownership of LLDP between FW and SW
  • Fix trusted VF in promiscuous not getting tagged packets
  • Fix allow_bcast feature
  • Fix for inability to enable VF through sysfs
  • Fix Error I40E_AQ_RC_EINVAL when removing VFs
  • Fix for i40e_set_max_tx_rate() cleaning
  • Fix page counting for XDP_REDIRECT
  • Fix PF reset failed on i40e_probe
  • Fix addition of RX filters after enabling FW LLDP agent
  • Fix build failures on current upstream and OSV kernels

NOTE: Known issues in this release:  Errors in statistics show number of errors in packets, but not number of error packets.  It may be impossible to enable flow control of x710 by default in some cases.

  • See the readme for installation instructions, how to identify your adapter, command line parameters, additional features, and known issues.

Product and Performance Information


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