Intel® Network Adapter Driver for PCIe* 40 Gigabit Ethernet Network Connections under Linux*



This download record includes the i40e Linux* base driver version 2.12.6 for the 700 series devices.

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  • Linux*
  • Size: 587.2 KB
  • SHA1: E1A28CDF7C122F177ED75B7615A0A0E221D21FF4

Detailed Description


This release includes i40e Linux* Base Drivers for Intel® Ethernet Network Connections.

The i40e driver supports devices based on the following controllers:

  • Intel® Ethernet Controller X710
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller XL710
  • Intel® Ethernet Network Connection X722
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller XXV710
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller V710


Due to the continuous development of the Linux kernel, the drivers are updated more often than the bundled releases. The latest driver can be found on (and also on

What's new?

  • Add supported coalescing parameters for kernels >= 5.7.0
  • Add err message when there is not enough space for vlan mirrors
  • Add messgage when EMP reset occurs
  • Add changing RS-Fec on FPK Backplane
  • Add allow any queue in cloud filter addition
  • Add return -ENOPKG when DDP package is not correct
  • Add fourth part of driver version as subbuild
  • Add VF-D allow_bcast parameter support
  • Add VF-D queue_type parameter support
  • Add check for queue allocation for the VF
  • Add support for custom cloud filters for tunneled and non-tunneled packets
  • Add reject cloud filters that don't set bit 62
  • Del RSS hash key in case of decreasing queue amount only if hash is default
  • Fix MAC address setting for a VF via Host/VM
  • Fix clearing sriov/mac_list on VF removal
  • Fix settings of RS-FEC and BaseR on FPK
  • Fix possibility of integer overflow
  • Fix issue when vlan 0 is added by VF
  • Fix ATR CPU locality after turning ntuple off
  • Fix the "ethtool -m" output for adapters without SFP cage
  • Fix queue count in tcs
  • Fix the limit more MACs are added than displayed
  • Fix restore VF MSI-X state during PCI reset
  • Fix issue when maximum queues is exceeded
  • Fix lear vf status when iavf driver is being unloaded
  • Fix wrong GFP flag in spin_lock section
  • Fix and improvements to outer IP filters
  • Fix mac_list is restored after iavf driver reset/reload
  • Fix limit of MacVlan resources for every trusted VF
  • Fix for sync VF driver reset
  • Fix for failed to init adminq while VF reset
  • Fix incorrect code in flow director implementation
  • Fix failed opcode appearing if handling messages from VF
  • Fix compilation issue on modern OSes and other minor bug fixes

See the readme for installation instructions, how to identify your adapter, command line parameters, additional features, and known issues.