Intel® Server Board S2600KP Family Firmware Update Package for EFI



This download record contains the BIOS and firmware update package for the Intel® Server Board S2600KP Family, read firmware dependencies in requirements section.

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  • Size: 23.5 MB
  • SHA1: FE311719AB5CE3A264EEF5FAF7F0C605BC053A1E

Detailed Description

Firmware requirements 
To update the system firmware stack to the versions included in this update package, the currently loaded system firmware stack on the system must meet the following:

  •  System BIOS - Production version 01.01.1029 or later
  •  ME Firmware - Production version or later
  •  BMC Firmware - Production version 01.61.12390 or later 

For pre-production hardware and software support requirements, contact Intel for details.

About this release

This update package includes the following production level system software 
updates and update utilities:
  System BIOS  - 01.01.3029
  ME Firmware  -
  BMC Firmware - 01.61.12398
  FRUSDR       - 01.17
  iFlash32.efi   - Version 14.1 Build 15
  fwpiaupd.efi   - Version 14.1 Build 18
  frusdr.efi     - Version 14.1 Build 18

Contact Intel for pre-production hardware support requirements

Before performing the system update, read the release notes and readme files for installation instructions, supported hardware, what is new, bug fixes, and known issues.