High Availability Solution Windows* Driver for Intel RAID Controller RS25NB008, RS25SB008



Contains the ir3 2208 ROC HW RAID WHQL signed x64 version driver for Microsoft Windows* for High Availability solution.

Available Downloads

  • Windows Server 2012 family*, Windows Web Server 2008 R2*
  • Size: 1.6 MB
  • SHA1: ED2CE88A4062F9C60EA477EA645DCD490875A4EB

Detailed Description

Supported RAID Controllers
This download supports Intel(R) RAID controllers using SAS HWRAID software stack (RS25SB008, RS25NB008), please verify that this utility has been tested with the RAID card you have chosen to use by checking the drivers web page for your controller at http://support.intel.com.

Package Information
Driver Version = 6.701.07.00(WHQL signed)
OS supported = Microsoft* Windows 2012 x64, Windows 2008r2 x64

This release supports the Windows Driver Configuration Utility (WDCFG) as per Microsoft requirement (DEVFUND-0046).  Please see "user guide - windows driver configuration utility.pdf" for instructions on how to use this tool.

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