Intel® Smart Connect Technology



This download is used to install Intel® Smart Connect Technology software version for the PC.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 8.1*, Windows 8 family*, Windows 7 family*
  • Size: 21 MB
  • SHA256: DA1183C743A22402A766EC96869C05CAFD6458963333C8F869E3F8769F3E4E0A

Detailed Description


Intel® Smart Connect Technology is designed to update programs by periodically waking your PC from Sleep/Standby mode for a brief period of time.

Confused about what to download?

Download "Intel® Smart Connect Technology 5.0.exe", and run the file to install Intel Smart Connect Technology.

This file is meant to be run on a computer system that came with Intel Smart Connect Technology installed from the manufacturer. Intel Smart Connect Technology requires features that must be built into the BIOS of the computer system.

How to install?

Double-click on the "Intel® Smart Connect Technology 5.0.exe" file and follow the directions to install the software.

Note: You must have administrative privileges to perform this upgrade.


This software package is intended to be installed on a computer system that was purchased with Intel Smart Connect Technology installed from the manufacturer. This version of the software requires a previous version of Intel Smart Connect Technology on the computer system in order to install and run.