S1200BTS on-board video driver



Onboard SM video driver for Intel® Server Board S1200BTS to use with Windows and Linux.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 7 family*, Windows Server 2008 family*, Windows Server 2003 family*
  • Size: 1 MB
  • SHA1: 8CED9EE485439D2A4231AE9C4EFF92B6E650D316
  • SUSE Linux Family*
  • Size: 7.4 MB
  • SHA1: 951E9C9522172DF7BA08E8FB2381A1D14E04A52B

Detailed Description

The SM video driver is for the Intel® Server Board S1200BTS, Intel® Server System R1304BTSSFAN and P4304BTSSFCN. Please DO NOT use this package on Intel® Server Board S1200BTL, S1200BTLRM and Intel® Server System R1304BTLSFAN, R1304BTLSHBN, P4304BTLSFCN or P4304BTLSHCN.

The Linux version driver does not support install-time loading.

The Software may contain open source software. The associated open source licenses are included with the driver package

Please refer to readme files for detailed information.