Intel® AHCI Storport Miniport driver 32-bit



Intel® AHCI Storport Miniport driver for Consumer/SOHO Storage for Windows 2003* and Windows 2008* 32-bit

Available Downloads

  • Windows Server 2008 family*, Windows Server 2003 family*
  • Size: 160 KB
  • SHA1: 50F84C46267978527532909509FBFFB25BB30011

Detailed Description

The Intel® AHCI Storport Miniport driver is written specifically for Intel® Atom™ processor based storage platforms with the following storage controllers:
- Intel® ICH9R SATA AHCI Controller.

This package contains the installer for general public use. View the README file for installation information and the RELEASE NOTES for driver version details.

This driver package contains the 32 bit version for following operating systems:
- Microsoft Windows Home Server* Power Pack-3
- Microsoft Windows Storage Server* 2003, x32 Edition
- Microsoft Windows Storage Server* 2008, x32 Edition