Analyze MPI Applications with Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector and Intel® VTune™ Profiler

ID 773180
Date 3/31/2023

Run Basic Hotspots Analysis

Open the Summary Page in Intel® Trace Analyzer and copy the command line for Intel® VTune™ Profiler:

Use the following command line to run Intel VTune Profiler for the most CPU-bound rank:

& mpirun -gtool "vtune -collect hotspots -r result:1" -n 4 ./poisson inp
This information is available only for tracefiles generated on Linux* OS. On Windows* OS, make up the command line manually, see the example below.

Run the command line to perform the hotspot analysis with VTune Profiler.

Linux OS:

& mpirun -gtool "vtune -collect hotspots -r result:1" -n 16 ./poisson inp

Windows OS:

> mpiexec -gtool "vtune -collect hotspots -r result:1" -n 16 ./poisson inp

Navigate to the result.1 directory and open the poisson.1.vtune file in VTune Profiler.

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