AN 981: Using Generic QSPI Flash on SDM Devices

ID 778053
Date 6/26/2023

4.1. Generating Programming Files using Programming File Generator

Complete the following steps to generate the programming file or files you require:
  1. Click File> Programming File Generator.
  2. Select FPGA device in Device Family.
  3. In the Configuration mode, select Active Serial x4.
  4. Specify the Output directory and Name for the file you generate.
  5. Under Output directory, select the appropriate file type for your design. The ASx4 scheme supports the Programmer Object File (.pof), JTAG Indirect Configuration File (.jic) file types.

Figure 3. Programming File Generator Output Files

  1. For the JTAG Indirect Configuration File (.jic) and Programmer Object File (.pof) you can turn on the Memory Map File (.map). This file describes flash memory address locations. You can turn on the Raw Programming Data File (.rpd) if you need to program the QSPI flash device using third-party programmer or Configuration Debugger Tool in Quartus. The Input Files tab is now available.
  2. On the Input Files tab, click Add Bitstream and browse to your configuration bitstream.
    Figure 4. Programming File Generator Input Files
  3. On the Configuration Device tab, click Add Device. Select <<new device>> from the Configuration Device list, key in a few inputs as below:
    1. Device name – a new part name for your QSPI flash device.
    2. Device ID – the ID that can be found in flash device datasheet, the order should follow the first byte the Manufacturer ID, second byte the Memory Type and third byte the Memory Density, example 0xC2 0x20 0x19.
    3. Device density– follow the density of the flash device.
    4. Other inputs are not needed, they are designed for non-SDM devices.
    Figure 5. Programming File Generator: Configuration Device Tab
  4. Click Generate to generate the programming file(s).
    1. You can optionally click File> Save As .. to save the configuration parameters as a file with the .pfg extension. The .pfg file contains your settings for the Programming File Generator. After you save the .pfg, you can use this file to regenerate the programming file by running the following command:
      quartus_pfg -c <configuration_file>.pfg
      Note: A new .xml file is generated in the same folder with the generated .jic/.pof file. This .xml file describes the parameters that you have keyed in for your new QSPI flash device. You must always have this .xml file in the directory specified by the "Custom database directory" field when using the Quartus Programmer.

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