Intel® FPGA AI Suite: Compiler Reference Manual

ID 768972
Date 9/06/2023

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3.4. Estimating the Area of an Architecture

To estimate the FPGA resource usage (area) of an IP parameterization described by an architecture (.arch) file, use the --fanalyze-area option.



--fanalyze-area [Required] Enable the area estimator.
--march [Required] The architecture parameterization to assume.
--fdump-area-report [Optional] Path specifying an output file for the area estimate summary.
The simplest command format for estimating the area of an Intel® FPGA AI Suite IP instance is as follows:
dla_compiler \
   --fanalyze-area \
   --march <path to .arch file>

Example Command

dla_compiler \
   --fanalyze-area \
   --march $COREDLA_ARCH/example_architectures/A10_Generic.arch