AN 939: JTAG Connections Over SSH

ID 683756
Date 7/07/2021

1.1. SSH Server and SSH Client Prerequisites

The instructions in this publication assume that you have installed and configured an SSH server on the remote machine and an SSH client on the local machine.

SSH servers are typically provided with Linux* operating systems (sshd) but not Windows* operating systems. You must install and configure the SSH server software on your systems before you continue.

This publication uses the ssh utility (on Linux* operating systems) or the PuTTY ssh utility (on Windows* operating systems) as SSH clients.

The instructions in this document assume that the remote machine hosts the SSH server, while the local machine runs the SSH client. Either the remote or local machine can have the FPGA board installed.

SSH software installation and configuration for SSH clients and SSH servers is outside of the scope of this document. Refer to your SSH software documentation for installation and configuration instructions.

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