Altera Complete Design Suite Version 14.0 Arria 10 Edition Update Release Notes

ID 683721
Date 9/01/2014

1.1. Issues Addressed in Update 1

Quartus II Compilation and Design Flows

  • Fixes an internal error that occurs when you launch the Technology Map Viewer (Post-Fitting) with a design using memory logic array blocks (MLABs).


  • Removes recommended upgrade messages from Qsys. Prior to this fix, you could erroneously receive recommended IP upgrade notifications when your IP versions were up-to-date.
  • Includes new messages relating to version compatibility and upgrading of the following IP cores:
    • alt_em10g32
    • alt_pr
    • altera_eth_tse
    • altera_jesd204
    • altera_rapidio
    • altera_rapidio2
    • altera_xcvr_fpll_a10
    • altera_xcvr_native_a10
    • altera_xcvr_xaui
    • sdi_ii

IP and IP Cores

  • Fixes an issue causing incorrect or missing version numbers for IP included in your design from a Qsys System File (.qsys) or Quartus II IP File (.qip). This fix also corrects a segmentation fault in the IP identification code.
  • HPS IP
    • Corrects the order of the hard processor system (HPS) component pins HPS_DIRECT_SHARED_Q1_1 to HPS_DIRECT_SHARED_Q4_12 for the Arria® 10 10AS066 and 10AS057 devices in the Quartus® II software and Qsys. The HPS pin functions were numbered incorrectly in the Quartus® II software release version 14.0 Arria® 10 edition. After installing the Altera® Complete Design Suite version 14.0 Arria® 10 edition update 1, you must regenerate your Arria® 10 HPS I/O design to correct the HPS pin placements.
    • Fixes a trace port interface unit (TPIU) component issue to correct pin connections and assignments. Prior to this fix, when you enabled the trace interface Qsys placed any unconnected trace pins in an I/O region not included in the shared HPS I/O region, and the Quartus II software instantiated your design with 3 of the 4 trace data pins (TRACE_D) disconnected. Any Arria® 10 HPS IP design using the TPIU in the CoreSight™ debug component requires this fix.
    • Fixes an issue that prevents the Quartus® II software from correctly displaying the flow control pins for the HPS IP component in Qsys. Prior to this fix, if you selected the flow control pins, the pins did not update correctly in the main or advanced tabs of the pin multiplex GUI.
  • JESD204B IP Core
    • Fixes the incorrect interface type of jesd204_rx_int and jesd204_tx_int to enable connection to interrupt receiver components in Qsys.
    • Fixes the signal type of pll_locked, tx_cal_busy, rx_cal_busy and rx_is_lockedtodata to resolve a signal type mismatch issue when connecting the IP core and the transceiver reset controller component in Qsys.
    • Fixes the DEVICE_FAMILY parameter's default value, enabling you to generate a JESD204B Qsys design using Qsys script commands.
    • Fixes a Synopsis Design Constraints (SDC) error when your SDC file has a virtual clock.
    • Fixes a SDC error when your design file uses VHDL with multiple hierarchies in the same file.
    • Changes SDC errors to critical warnings and improves the warning messages when external phase-locked loops (PLLs) are connected incorrectly.