Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition: Version 23.1 Software and Device Support Release Notes

ID 683706
Date 4/10/2023

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1.7.1. Changes in Device Support

New Device Support

Support for the following devices is added to Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Version 23.1 with Advance device support:
  • AGIB041R29D‑R1, AGIC041R29D‑R0, AGIC041R29D‑R1, AGID041R29D‑R1
  • AGIB022R31A, AGIB027R31A
Advance device support for the following devices Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Version 23.1 is restricted. To enable Intel Agilex® 7 M-Series device support in your instance of Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software, contact your regional Intel FPGA sales representative.
  • AGMF032R47A‑V, AGMF039R47A, AGMF039R47A‑R0, AGMH032R47A, AGMH039R47A, AGMH039R47A‑R0
  • AGME032R47A‑V, AGME039R47A, AGME039R47A‑R0, AGMG032R47A, AGMG039R47A, AGMG039R47A‑R0

Changed Device Support

Support levels for other devices remain unchanged for this release.

Support for the following devices moves from Advance device support to Preliminary device support:
  • AGFA006R16A, AGFA008R16A, AGFB006R16A, AGFB008R16A
  • AGFA006R24C, AGFA008R24C, AGFB006R24C, AGFB008R24C
  • AGFA012R24C, AGFA014R24C, AGFB012R24C, AGFB014R24C
  • AGIB019R18A, AGIB023R18A, AGID019R18A, AGID023R18A
  • AGFA019R31C, AGFA023R31C, AGFB019R31C, AGFB023R31C, AGFC019R31C, AGFC023R31C, AGFD019R31C, AGFD023R31C, AGIB019R31B, AGIB023R31B, AGID019R31B, AGID023R31B

F-Tile Support Changes

For Intel Agilex® 7 designs with F-Tile IPs that were developed with Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Version 22.1 or earlier, you must regenerate your F-Tile IP in Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Version 22.2 or later.

The following devices are affected:
  • AGFA006R16A, AGFA008R16A, AGFA022R24C, AGFA022R31C, AGFA027R24C, AGFA027R31C
  • AGFB006R16A, AGFB008R16A, AGFB022R24C, AGFB022R31C, AGFB027R24C, AGFB027R31C
  • AGIB022R29A, AGIB022R31B, AGIB027R29A, AGIB027R31B

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