Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler Pro Edition: Getting Started Guide

ID 683680
Date 9/26/2022

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3.1.1. QuestaSim* Licensing Error Messages

The HLS compiler issues error messages if it cannot locate the license for the installed version of QuestaSim* software.

If the HLS compiler fails to locate the QuestaSim* software license, it issues the following error message when you compile your design to the FPGA architecture:

$ i++ -march="<FPGA_family_or_part_number>" program.cpp 
HLS Elaborate verification testbench. FAILED.
See ./a.prj/debug.log for details.
Error: Missing simulator license for <questa_path_to_vsim_executable>. Either:
1) Ensure you have a valid ModelSim license
2) Use the --simulator none flag to skip the verification flow

Common causes for these errors include:

  • Missing, expired, or invalid licenses
  • Incorrect license server name in the license.dat file
  • Unspecified or incorrectly-specified license location
Note: The running speed of the HLS compiler might decrease if the compiler has to search the network for missing or corrupted licenses. If this problem occurs, correct the license file or license location accordingly.