Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition: Version 21.1 Software and Device Support Release Notes

ID 683593
Date 7/01/2022

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1.4. Memory Recommendations

A full installation of the Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition software requires up to 40 GB of available disk space.

Configure your system to provide additional virtual memory equal to the recommended physical RAM that is required to process your design. This additional virtual memory effectively doubles the total effective memory available to process your design.

Note: Peak virtual memory might exceed these recommendations. These recommendations are based on the amount of physical memory required to achieve runtime within 10% of that achieved on hardware with an infinite amount of RAM.
Table 1.  Memory Requirements for Processing DesignsThese requirements are the same for both Windows and Linux installations.
Family Device Recommended Physical RAM
Intel® Arria® 10 10AT115, 10AX115 48 GB
10AT090, 10AX090 44 GB
10AS066, 10AX066 32 GB
10AS057, 10AX057 30 GB
10AS048, 10AX048 28 GB
10AX032, 10AS032 24 GB
10AX027, 10AS027 22 GB
10AX022, 10AS022 20 GB
10AX016, 10AS016 18 GB
Arria® V 5AGXB5, 5AGTD7, 5AGXB7, 5ASXB5, 5ASTD5 16 GB
5AGXB1, 5AGXB3, 5AGTD3, 5ASTD3, 5ASXB3 12 GB
5AGXA7, 5AGTC7 10 GB
Arria® V GZ 5AGZE7 16 GB
5AGZE3, 5AGZE5 12 GB
Arria® II GX EP2AGX260 6 GB
EP2AGX95, EP2AGX125, EP2AGX190 4 GB
EP2AGX45 1.5 GB
Arria® II GZ EP2AGZ350 8 GB
EP2AGZ300 6 GB
EP2AGZ225 4 GB
Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP 10CL120 1.5 GB
10CL080, 10CL055 1 GB
10CL006, 10CL010, 10CL016, 10CL025, 10CL040 512 MB
Cyclone® V 5CEA9, 5CGTD9, 5CGXC9 8 GB
5CEA2, 5CGXC3, 5CEA4, 5CGXC4, 5CEA5, 5CGTD5, 5CGXC5, 5CSEA5, 5CSTD5, 5CSXC5, 5CSEA6, 5CSXC6, 5CEA7, 5CGTD7, 5CGXC7, 5CSEA2, 5CSEA4, 5CSXC2, 5CSXC4, 5CSTD6 6 GB
Cyclone® IV GX EP4CGX110, EP4CGX150 2 GB
EP4CGX50, EP4CGX75 1.5 GB
EP4CGX15, EP4CGX22, EP4CGX30 512 MB
Cyclone® IV E EP4CE115 1.5 GB
EP4CE55, EP4CE75 1 GB
EP4CE6, EP4CE10, EP4CE15, EP4CE22, EP4CE30, EP4CE40 512 MB
Intel® MAX® 10 10M50 2 GB
10M16 2 GB
10M25 2 GB
10M40 2 GB
10M04, 10M08 1 GB
10M02 512 MB
MAX® V All 512 MB
MAX® II All 512 MB
Stratix® V 5SEEB, 5SGXAB, 5SGXB9, 5SGXBB 28 GB
5SGXA9, 5SEE9 24 GB
5SGTC7, 5SGXA7, 5SGSD8 20 GB
5SGSD5, 5SGXA5, 5SGXB5, 5SGSD6, 5SGXB6 16 GB
5SGXA3, 5SGSD4, 5SGXA4, 5SGTC5 12 GB
Stratix® IV EP4SGX530, EP4SE530, EP4SE820, EP4S40G5, EP4S100G5 12 GB
EP4SE360 EP4SGX360, EP4S100G3, EP4S100G4 8 GB
EP4SGX290 6 GB
EP4SE230 EP4SGX110, EP4SGX230, EP4S40G2, EP4S100G2 4 GB