Intel® FPGA Power and Thermal Calculator User Guide

ID 683445
Date 12/13/2021

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3.2. Intel® FPGA PTC Basic GUI Components

The Intel® FPGA Power and Thermal Calculator ( Intel® FPGA PTC) GUI provides data entry pages, and dockable Power Summary, Device Selection, Page Selection, and Thermal Analysis windows.

Not all dockable windows may be visible by default. You can change which of the dockable windows are visible using the View menu.

The shading of input fields alternates between white and light gray; these fields are editable, either by double-clicking and selecting a value from a drop-down list or by typing a value directly. Output fields are shaded in a darker gray. Fixed input fields—those whose values are determined by settings elsewhere and therefore aren't directly editable—have their font dimmed.

Figure 9.  Intel® FPGA PTC Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Data Entry Area

The data entry area provides pages for entering parameters associated with various aspects of your design.

Power Summary

The Power Summary shows the calculated power consumption of various types of resources, based on the current values in the data entry pages. The fields of the Power Summary cannot be edited directly.

Device Selection and Thermal Analysis Windows

The Device Selection and Thermal Analysis windows summarize device characteristics and presumed thermal operating conditions, respectively. This information is also available on the Main and Thermal data entry pages.

Page Selection

The Page Selection window allows you to choose the data entry page that you want to display.