Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Suite Version 18.1 Update Release Notes

ID 683328
Date 4/17/2019

2.5. Intel High Level Synthesis Compiler

Unless stated otherwise, the following Intel® HLS Compiler issues apply only to the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software.

  • The Intel® HLS Compiler now merges identical read access to an array. Previously, you had to explicitly merge identical array accesses.
  • Added the HLS_SYNTHESIS macro. Statements in your component guarded by this macro work in x86 emulations but are disabled when compiling your component to an FPGA architecture.
  • The HLS/iostream.h header file is deprecated. To use C++ standard output streams in your component, use the standard <iostream> header file and guard the output statements with the new HLS_SYNTHESIS macro.
  • Fixed simulation failures that occurred when components or component parameters have names that are not unique or that conflict with reserved RTL keywords.
  • Removed the misleading warning Warning:-march has no effect. Using setting from -c compile when using i++ to link object files.
  • Fixed issues with #pragma ivdep which might cause a segmentation fault when the pragma is used with array clauses.
  • Updated the ac_int_basic_ops tutorial to use -std=c++14.
  • Fixed bugs in the ac data types provide with the Intel® HLS Compiler.
  • Replaced deprecated system call (fopen) on Windows for YUV2RGB example design.

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