AN 936: Executing SDM Commands via JTAG Interface

ID 683313
Date 3/29/2021

1.1. Overview

The Intel® FPGA implements Secure Device Manager (SDM) architecture starting with Intel® Stratix® 10 devices and all future FPGA devices. The SDM consists of the triple-redundant lockstep processors and other components described in the Intel® Stratix® 10 Configuration User Guide.

You can interact with the SDM via the mailbox interface. Use any of the following interfaces to access the mailbox block in the SDM as indicated in Figure 1:
  1. JTAG interface
  2. HPS interface
  3. FPGA core interface using soft IPs

This application note only provides information on accessing the SDM via the JTAG interface.

For information on accessing the SDM from the FPGA core interface, refer to the Mailbox Client Intel® FPGA IP User Guide.

The figure below is a block diagram of the Secure Device Manager hardware, showing the various interfaces the SDM can use to communicate with devices.

Figure 1. SDM Block Diagram

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