JESD204B Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX FPGA IP Design Example User Guide

ID 683298
Date 10/14/2022
Document Table of Contents Test Pattern Checker

Note: This module is only available in the design example when the duplex or simplex RX data path option is selected.

The test pattern checker checks either a parallel PRBS, alternate checkerboard, or ramp wave from the transport layer during test mode and outputs an error flag if there are any data mismatches. The test pattern checker is implemented in the top level RTL file, not in the Platform Designer project.

You can modify the test pattern checker RTL to match your specifications. Furthermore, for parameters like M, S, N, and test mode, the test pattern checker shares the CSR values with the JESD204B IP core. This means that any dynamic reconfiguration operation that affects those values for the JESD204B IP core, affects the test pattern checker in the same way. This includes the pattern type (PRBS, alternate checkerboard, ramp) which is controlled by the test mode CSR.