AN752: Guidelines for Handling Altera Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP)

ID 683229
Date 11/02/2015

1.1. Pick and Place Process

When picking up the component from the Tape and Reel carrier, Altera recommends that you place the pick-up tool at a vertical-height distance from the WLCSP.
  • Use vacuum pressure at approximately 60–70 kPa to lift the WLCSP from the pocket of the tape. This practice prevents direct contact on the WLCSP during pick-up.
  • Set vertical-height distance between the WLCSP and the pick-up tool to zero (minimal gap).
  • The vacuum lifts the package out from the pocket of the tape.
  • Similarly, set vertical-height distance during placement on the board to zero to avoid overdrive beyond the limit of PCB.
Figure 1. Zero Vertical-Height Distance between WLCSP and Pick-Up Tool
Figure 2. Zero Vertical-Height Distance During Board Placement