Intel Programmable Acceleration Card (PAC) with Intel Arria 10 GT FPGA Datasheet

ID 683214
Date 11/02/2018

5. Thermal Specifications

This acceleration card is thermally limited to dissipate no more than 45 W on the FPGA. FPGA junction temperature must not exceed 95°C. Make sure the temperature of the QSFP+ module is within the vendor specification, usually 70°C or 85°C.

  • Operating Temperature: 95 °C
  • Shutdown Temperature: 100 °C
Note: Refer to the Power Estimator Guide to avoid exceeding 95 °C.
Note: AFU Developers should use the Arria 10 PowerPlay Early Power Estimator and the Quartus Prime Power Analyzer to estimate power consumption.
Figure 3. Airflow Pattern

The Intel® PAC with Intel® Arria® 10 GT FPGA has minimum airflow requirements for corresponding card inlet air temperatures, as shown in the figure below. Each data point shows the minimum airflow (Y-axis) through the card for a corresponding card inlet temperature (X-axis).

This minimum airflow keeps the Intel® Arria® 10 GT junction temperature below 95°C. Providing forced air cooling is an absolute requirement to meet these minimums. These airflow requirements are based on a typical board power consumption of 66 Watts. In most server systems, you must modify the BIOS settings to enable the fans to run at 100% capacity constantly.

Figure 4. Cooling Curve

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